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No mere staffing outfit, Rhyan offers a full suite of consulting services. Rhyan’s reputation rests on a foundation of trust and performance. When you engage Rhyan’s services, you acquire a true partner fully vested in your success. Rhyan’s consultants can step in at any stage and provide a wealth of skills, experience, and dedication to ensure timely and effective results. All at a significantly lower cost than you could achieve on your own.


Rhyan supplements your in-house resources by gathering a team of professionals with a specific set of skills to meet the challenges of any project. You can also entrust an entire project to Rhyan for a turn-key solution. Rhyan offers simple solutions for:


Web Application Development
Rhyan examines your needs for the optimum end-to-end solution from Web design to dynamic, database-driven applications. Rhyan’s designers combine sound usability practices with the latest J2EE and Microsoft platform technologies. The result is a distinctive online presence that furthers your marketing goals and influences partners and customers. Just as importantly, Rhyan’s E-commerce solutions help you develop effective strategies.


Software Engineering Management and Technical Practices
Rhyan has embraced the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM). The model promotes the evolution of software engineering into a well managed discipline. In other words, Rhyan helps you master your technological resources to avoid being enslaved by them. Rhyan’s services include Project Management, Configuration/Change Management, Analysis, Programming, and QA Testing.


General System Development
Rhyan adroitly handles traditional software development on mainframes and proprietary systems. Rhyan can contribute to, or provide turnkey solutions for, your disaster-recovery and risk assessment/management plans. Rhyan can also address network security concerns.


Transportation Facility Services
Rhyan Technology Services has created a Transportation Services Divison to assist you in the operation or redesign of your facilities. Bringing together a talented team of professionals with experience at major transit and aviation facilities is one more way Rhyan intends to be your first stop for professional services. Call today to see how we can augment your current staff or assemble an entire team to suit your goals.

Rhyan Technology Services

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